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Succession Powerpoint

Succession Powerpoint - Ecological Succession Predictable...

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Unformatted text preview: Ecological Succession Predictable changes within an Predictable ecosystem over long periods of time. time. Primary Succession Primary Brand new, virgin land that is created by Brand lava flows in the ocean that have been cooled over time. cooled No soil is present! Example: Hawaii Surtsey Surtsey Example of primary succession. Formed by volcanic explosions in 1963. Secondary Succession Secondary Disturbance of some kind changes an Disturbance existing community without removing the soil. soil. Ex: Mt. St. Helens Exploded in 1983 Mt. St. Helens Mt. Example of Succession Example Mt. St. Helens Mt. Example of Secondary Example Succession Pioneer Species Pioneer First organisms to inhabit newly formed First land. land. Usually moss or lichens. Pioneer Species Pioneer Climax Community Climax A mature stable community that does not mature undergo succession. undergo Example: Old Growth Forest Climax Community Climax ...
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