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Unformatted text preview: Taxonomy Taxonomy What is taxonomy? What is Taxonomy is the branch of biology concerned with the grouping and naming of organisms Biologists who study this are called taxonomists How did it start? How did it start? People wanted to organize their world so they began grouping, or classifying everything they saw. Things that swim Things that swim Things that fly Things that crawl Things that walk on four legs Things that chew their food Things that swallow food whole Things that are toxic Why classify? Why To help us study the earth To help us organize all the species we discover . . . To give every species a name based on a To give every species a name based on a standard method so scientists from different countries can talk about the same animal without confusion Who is Carolus Linnaeus? Who is Carolus Linnaeus? Carolus Linnaeus was a Swedish botanist Developed a 7­level (taxa) classification system based on similarities between organisms The Seven Level System The Seven Level System Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species King Phillip Called Oprah For Good Spices How does it work? How does it work? There are 6 broad kingdoms Every living thing that we know of fits into one of the six kingdoms Each level gets more specific as fewer organisms fit into any one group An animal is known by two An animal is known by names… Canis lupus is the scientific name for a gray wolf. Canis is the genus name lupus is the species name This system uses a binomial nomenclature Genus… Genus A genus consists of a group of closely related species Other animals in the Canis group include dogs and coyotes The genus name is always Capitalized Species... Species... A species consists of animals that can mate and produce fertile offspring Only grey wolves are known as lupus. The species name is always lowercase Binomial Nomenclature Binomial Nomenclature Bi means two Nomen means name A binomial nomenclature is a classification system using two names to identify an organism Quick Review Quick Review What are the seven taxa or levels? Who designed the system? What taxa are organisms named with? ...
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