Travel to the Nervous System!!

Travel to the Nervous System!! - will show you the parietal...

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Travel to the Nervous System!! The most electric system in the body!!!! Trip Options #1: Central Nervous System: Travel up the spinal cord to the brain. Take a two day trip up the spinal cord to the brain. Once there, you will enjoy a 4 day stay over at the cerebellum (controls balance and coordination) as we explore the most complex structure in the body. An expert guide
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Unformatted text preview: will show you the parietal (controls your senses), occipital (controls your vision), temporal (controls your auditory memory) and frontal (controls motor skills and memory) lobes. This trip also includes a brochure which explains your autonomic (unconscious control) and somatic (conscious control) nervous systems. Price: $600: Includes travel and lodging expenses....
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