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What Is Science

What Is Science - What Is Science What Goals of Science...

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Unformatted text preview: What Is Science? What ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Goals of Science Goals Investigate and understand nature Explain events in nature Make useful predictions Never stop questioning Definition of Science Definition An organized way of using evidence to learn about the natural world. The body of knowledge that scientists have built up after years of testing proposed explanations. Observations Observations The first step to “doing” science Involves using one or more of the senses Sight Hearing Touch Smell Taste Observations Observations Will raise a question. Observations Observations To gather… Information Evidence Data Inference Inference Follows an observation A logical interpretation based on prior knowledge and experience Uses what you know to figure something out Inference Inference Observation or Inference? The dogsdogisfriends.little inbeds. There are are ishappy. bigbed. chair. big dog stoleathe dogdog’s bed. little a twonot thebig bed. the is chair old. dogs. dog the sleeping. inby beds. gray. in allowed mad. Observation or Inference? Can we make the same assumptions (Inferences based on observations) about this picture as we did the last one? Observations and Inferences Inferences Observation: Owl perched in tree ___________________ Inference: Owls live in trees Observation: The owl has wings, Inference: Owls can fly ___________________ Hypothesis Hypothesis A tentative statement that proposes a possible explanation to some phenomenon or event Attempts to explain a set of observations May arise from logical inferences Hypothesis Hypothesis Uses prior knowledge Is an educated guess or a trial answer Is a testable statement which may include a prediction Importance of Science Importance Science helps us to understand the world around us and to appreciate it's complexities It underlies our health, our work, our communications, our entertainment and our transport It permeates our lives and informs our actions Science is a way of thinking, fun, dynamic, constantly changing Importance of Science Importance Science contributes to our understanding of health and disease and enables medical progress It shows us our impact on the environment and our world It empowers us to make technological advancements As scientific knowledge grows, so does our understanding of the universe What Science Isn’t What Scientific knowledge is not the absolute truth It is based only on available evidence It is subject to modification in light of new evidence and new ways of thinking Science is limited to the study of the natural world and cannot study or explain supernatural events A Unique Endeavor Unique What three things make science different from other human endeavors? It deals only with the natural world Scientists collect and organize information in a careful, orderly way, looking for patterns and connections between events Scientists propose explanations that can be tested by examining evidence A Good Scientist: Good What qualities make for a good scientist? Curious Honest Open minded Persistent Skeptical Patient and careful Recognize limitations of science Believe in cause and effect Concern for mankind ...
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