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Homeostasis Notes - Homeostasis Power Point Definition of...

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Homeostasis Power Point Definition of Homeostasis: Homeostasis is the term we use to describe the ________________ of the internal environment. Homeostasis is a state of _____________ in the body. The processes and activities that help to maintain homeostasis are referred to as ________________ mechanisms. Introduction: Homeostasis is very important because when it ________ you become ill and may _______ . Maintaining Homeostasis: Chemistry is the reason why we must ____________ homeostasis. Biochemical processes (the chemical _______________ that occur with-in us) are ________ to life and occur efficiently only within a limited __________________ range and at a specific ______ . Internal Communication: The body must have good internal __________________ , using the endocrine and __________ systems, to maintain homeostasis. Feedback _______________ limits the operation of a system or causes it to shut down when it ___________ too much of a certain product (such as __________ , glucose, salt, ________ , CO 2 etc.) It will cause the system to “turn back on” when there is too _________ of this product.
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A Temperature Control System: The desired room temperature is called the______________ . Homeostatic mechanisms tend to maintain a ____________ which is important to an organism as close as possible to a particular value called the set point. (In humans the set point for body temperature is_______
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Homeostasis Notes - Homeostasis Power Point Definition of...

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