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lymphaticnotes - circulatory system 4 Generates and stores...

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Biology – Chapter 37.3 Notes 1. The lymphatic system is crucial in allowing the body to ward off _________________ and heal from ______________. 2. It is closely linked to several other systems, but especially to the __________________ ____________________. 3. Function of the lymphatic system 1. Collects _______________ lost from the blood and returns it to the _________________ _______________. More than _______ liters of leaves the capillaries each day This continually bathes the body’s ___________ There is _____________ as much lymph in the body as __________ Lymph is dumped back into the _________________ system thru the superior vena cava 2. Filters fluid to rid it of __________________and other _____________________ 3. Collects ________ from the small intestine and delivers it to the
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Unformatted text preview: circulatory system 4. Generates and stores WBC’s called _______________ that fight infection 4. Components of the Lymphatic System A. Lymph –______________ collected in lymph vessels Clear straw colored fluid – same basic component as ________________ B. Lymph _____________ – structures that collect ________________ and deliver it back to the circulatory system ________________ within the vessels keep the lymph moving in _______ direction C. Lymph nodes = series of ______________ filters Lymph moves slowly through the_____________ WBC’s ______________ and _______________ bacteria and pathogens in nodes The nodes ____________ when large numbers of pathogens are trapped. The swelling can cause _____________ wherever the nodes are located....
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