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What Is Science PP Notes - Biology Class Notes Unit 1...

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Biology Class Notes Unit 1 Studying Life Section 1-1: What is Science? 1. What are four goals of science? A. To investigate and understand nature B. To explain events in nature C. To use those explanations to make useful predictions D. Never stop questioning 2. Definition of Science: A. An organized way of using evidence to learn about the natural world. B. The body of knowledge that scientists have built up after years of testing proposed explanations. 3. Observation is the first step to “doing” science A. It Involves using one or more of the senses 1. Sight 2. Hearing 3. Touch 4. Smell 5. Taste B. It will raise a question C. It is used to gather…. 1. Information 2. Evidence 3. Data 4. An inference often follows an observation A. It is a logical interpretation based on prior knowledge and experience B. It uses what you know to figure something out C. Practice with Footprint Puzzle 5. A hypothesis will then follow an observation, question or inference A. It is a tentative statement that proposes a possible explanation to some phenomenon or event B. Attempts to explain a set of observations C. It may arise from logical inferences
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D. Uses prior knowledge E. Is an educated guess or a trial answer F. Is a testable statement which may include a prediction
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What Is Science PP Notes - Biology Class Notes Unit 1...

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