10_Software Engineering for Automotive Systems A Roadmap

10_Software Engineering for Automotive Systems A Roadmap -...

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Unformatted text preview: Alexander Pretschner is a senior researcher at ETH Zürich, Switzerland, currently concentrating on model-based testing and distributed usage control. He holds master ’ s degrees in computer science from RWTH Aachen and the University of Kansas as well as a Ph.D. degree in computer science from Technische Universität München. Alexander has organized several workshops in the field of software engineering for automotive systems. Manfred Broy is a professor at the Department of Informatics of Technische Universität München, Germany. His research interests are software and systems engineering comprising both theoretical and practical aspects. He is leading a research group working in a number of industrial projects that apply mathematically based techniques to combine practical approaches to software engineering with mathematical rigor. The main topics are requirements engineering, ad hoc networks, software architectures, componentware, software development processes and graphical description techniques. In his group the CASE tool AutoFocus was developed. Today one of his main interests is the development of a modeling theory for software and systems engineering. Ingolf H. Krüger holds a Ph.D. from Technische Universität München, Germany, and an M.A. from the University of Texas at Austin. He is an Assistant Professor i.R. in the Computer Science and Engineering Department of UCSD's Jacobs School of Engineering, leading the “Service-Oriented Software and Systems Engineering Laboratory”; he also directs the “Software & Systems Architecture & Integration” functional area within the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2). Dr. Krüger is a member of the UCSD Divisional Council of Calit2. Krüger ’ s major research interests are service-oriented software & systems engineering for distributed, reactive systems, software architectures, description techniques, verification&validation, and development processes. Together with Manfred Broy he has organized the Automotive Software Workshops 2004 and 2006 in San Diego, CA. Software Engineering for Automotive Systems: A Roadmap Alexander Pretschner, Manfred Broy, Ingolf H. Krüger, Thomas Stauner Future of Software Engineering(FOSE'07) 0-7695-2829-5/07 $20.00 © 2007 Thomas Stauner is a software spet with BMW AG, Germany. He studied computer science at Technische Universität München and the University of Edinburgh. He obtained his PhD in computer science from Technische Universität München. After leading a team at BMW Car IT on specification and verification of automotive systems, he is currently responsible for compatibility management of automotive electronic control units at BMW....
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10_Software Engineering for Automotive Systems A Roadmap -...

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