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Syllabus - MGMT 405 Professor Management and Organization...

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MGMT 405 Management and Organization Behavior Professor Mike Albert; Bus 346, 338-1353, e-mail: [email protected] OH T /TH 9:15 - 9:35 (McKenna Theatre) T /TH 11:00 - 11:45, 12: 00 12:55 (BUS 346) Fall 2010 Course Overview MGMT 405 focuses on a variety of key topics related to understanding the fundamentals of management and organization behavior. Since almost all of you will be working in some type of organization, the more that you understand key factors that increase an organization's effectiveness, the more successful you should be during your career. Although most of you may not be working in a managerial role, you will be working for a variety of managers throughout your career. The more you understand the world of work from a managerial perspective, the better your working relationship should be with your manager. A good working relationship with your manager should increase your job performance and enhance your career success. For those of you who will be working in a managerial role, this course will provide you with a comprehensive overview of key factors related to performing effectively as a manager. The key theme of the course is the challenges that managers and organizations will encounter during the 21st century. Topics include the study of key management functions; namely, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. A variety of important behavioral areas focused on include communicating, motivation, and teamwork. Other key topics include ethics and social responsibility, decision making, and human resources. Objectives 1. To understand characteristics of effective organizations and the challenges they will encounter during the 21st century. 2. To understand the four key managerial functions: planning, organizing, controlling, and leading. 3. To understand various behavioral factors related to effective managerial, organizational, and employee performance. 4. To apply concepts related to effective managerial, organizational, and employee performance in a variety of situations. Class Format This course is not a traditional lecture class; it will take advantage of the theatre's multimedia capability. As summarized in the attached cover letter, it will focus on the course material through the integration of: 1) lecture that reviews the book chapters, 2) video cases and case analysis, 3) brief video clips from movies related to key topics, 4) brief audio clips from songs related to key topics attached to Power Point slides, 5) scanned images, 6) brief discussions of your work experiences (such as highly effective vs. ineffective managers for whom you have worked), 7) workbook exercises that involve you thinking about and assessing a situation, 8) tips for success -
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2 brief talks focused on a specific work-related issue, 9) management poems, and 10) other activities.
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