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PSY 330 Assignment: Observation #2 (Due Nov. 29; note that this is a new, later deadline) The purpose of this assignment is to help you apply to real life what you learn in this class. Length = approximately 1 page, single spaced. These papers will be graded as √ (ok), √+ (excellent) or √- (poor). A late paper will automatically be considered a √-. This paper is worth 8% of your total grade. Note that I have placed a couple of very good papers from the first observation assignment on iLearn. You have a choice of doing EITHER of these options: 1. Parenting Styles : Authoritative, Authoritarian, Permissive, or Rejecting-neglecting. See pages 469-473 of your textbook for a description. Write your observation of a parent (or both parents) interacting with their child (or children) aged 2 to 13 years. Categorize the parenting style into one of these categories and say which specific behaviors led to your categorizing the parent this way. Good places to observe for this are in a shopping mall, in stores, at
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