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Exam #1 Guide - Guide for Exam#1(Sept 29 As stated in your...

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Guide for Exam #1 (Sept. 29) As stated in your syllabus, you are responsible for the material in the assigned chapters, the lectures, and the videos presented in class. At the end of the chapters are useful review materials: a summary, critical thinking questions, and key terms. Some of the lecture material for some of the lectures is on powerpoints on iLearn. The exam is multiple choice. Information about what computer scoring sheets you need to bring to class will be announced in class. Terms That You Don’t Need to Know for Exam There are many new terms in Chapters 2 and 3. Many of these are listed at the end of these chapters. On those lists the ones you DON’T need to know the definition for are the following: Chapter 2 : epigenesist, gametes, zygote, phylogenetic continuity, apoptosis, neural tube, cephalocaudal development, dose-response relation, autostimulation theory. You also do not need to know: preformatism, embryonic hand plate, Minamata disease, fetal programming, and the maternal diseases in Table 2.2.
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