Exam #3 Guide

Exam #3 Guide - Guide for Exam#3(Dec 15 1:30 As stated in...

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Guide for Exam #3 (Dec. 15, 1:30) As stated in your syllabus, you are responsible for the material in the assigned chapters and the lectures. The exam covers Chapters 11-16. Materials that are particularly helpful for your studying are the summaries at the end of each chapter subsection and chapter, and the publisher’s powerpoints on iLearn. The exam is multiple choice. Use the small red PARSCORE sheet that you used last time. Below is material that you should emphasize (but it doesn’t cover everything). You may want to test yourself with flashcards on these. Terms and concepts to understand: Chapter 11 What Harlow’s monkey research tells us about attachment Attachment Attachment as a secure base Age at which clear-cut attachment usually appears Internal working model of attachment Purpose of the strange situation Secure attachment Insecure attachment Insecure/resistant attachment Insecure/avoidant attachment Disorganized/disoriented attachment Adult attachment models Cultural and parental factors influencing
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Exam #3 Guide - Guide for Exam#3(Dec 15 1:30 As stated in...

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