Syllabus - PSY330 CHILD DEVELOPMENT (Section 01) Fall, 2010...

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PSY330 – CHILD DEVELOPMENT (Section 01) Fall, 2010 2:10-3:25 MW BH28 Instructor: Dr. Patricia Miller Teaching Assistant: Gina O’Neill Office: EP 510 Office: EP 501 Office Phone: 415-338-6197 Office Phone: 415-405-2132 Email: Email: Office Hours: M 3:30-5, W 11-12 Office Hours: M 1-2 or by appt. or by appointment **Students cannot receive credit for both PSY330 and 431, so if you’ve already taken 431 you cannot receive credit for this class. REQUIRED TEXT: How Children Develop (3 rd ed., 2010) by Siegler, DeLoache, & Eisenberg. Notice that the textbook has a glossary with definitions of important terms at the back. I also will present other material in my lectures. Exams include material from both the text and lectures. COURSE OBJECTIVES: We will study the developmental changes that take place from conception through adolescence. We will cover several aspects of these changes: the major milestones of physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development ( what changes? ), theories of development such as Piaget and Vygotsky ( why does it change? ), approaches to developmental research ( how do we know? ), and implications to studying child development ( what can we do with this information? ). After this course, you will know the major findings, theories, issues, and research methods in this field. Most importantly, you will develop the ability to think about behavior from a developmental perspective and employ the analytic and reasoning skills used by developmental researchers. You will explore your own views of child development as they pertain to your own life or the lives of people you know. iLearn: Useful course information will be provided through iLearn. It is a good idea to check regularly for announcements . REQUIREMENTS AND EXPECTATIONS: Attendance It is important that you attend class. Thus, I will take attendance at each class meeting. It is your responsibility to sign the roll sheet each class period. If, at the end of the semester, your grade is just below a grade borderline and you have missed only one or two classes, you will be moved
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Syllabus - PSY330 CHILD DEVELOPMENT (Section 01) Fall, 2010...

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