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Unformatted text preview: Create Value Team Project FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Prize(s) provided by the Academy for Creating Enterprise and Steve & Bette Gibson Q. If we split into separate groups after the first trade, do we split the final revenues with the other group that we split off of? Or do we go separately after that? A. You go separately. Start a new record sheet. Both teams would share the same first trade. Everything else should be done from scratch (team name, agreement how to split, etc.). Q. This was a big assignment to spring on us without it being in the syllabus. I have other classes and did not plan for this in my schedule. Is there anything that can be done? A. Thanks for expressing your concern. In entrepreneurship, things happen sometimes without warning. Consider this a live teaching of that. Remember, you can put in as little or as much time into the project as you would like. Just make your best effort given your other demands. That’s all this course and this assignment ask....
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