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IdeaAnalysisWorksheet - Strong 1 to 5 Moderate< 0 Weak...

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Idea Analysis Worksheet Idea Name: Measuring the Strength of the Business Opportunity Instructions A "X" B "X" C "X" Market Demand Large Moderate X Small Market Size Large X Moderate Small Margin Analysis High Moderate Low X Additional Points (John Richards) Barrier to Entry High Moderate X Low Capital Requirement Low Moderate High X Recurring Revenue Model Complete Partial X None Headcount Need Low X Moderate High Weighted Sum 3 4 3 Raw Score 3 0 -3 Net Score 0 Strength of Opportunity Net Scoring Guide 6 to 10
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Unformatted text preview: Strong 1 to 5 Moderate < 0 Weak Enter idea name in upper right blue cell. Place a blank or "X" in each blue cell, rating the idea against the criteria. Only modify blue cells. The worksheet will weight the answers and render a Net score. See the guide for the score. Do NOT have more than one "X" in any row. Save worksheet under new file name. The Three M's (Jeffry Timmons) [2X weight]...
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