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outline -- capacity and illegality

outline -- capacity and illegality - 3 Legality a Contrary...

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Outline Capacity and Legality 1. Definition of Capacity 2. Common types of Incapacity a. Minority i. 18 years old ii. Right to Disaffirm (1) Necessities iii. Duty of Restoration iv. Ratification v. Parental liability b. Mental incompetence i. Adjudged insane ii. Insane but not adjudged insane c. Intoxication d. Effect of incapacity = voidable
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Legality a. Contrary to Statute b. Commit Crime c. Commit Tort d. Contrary to Public policy e. Special cases i. Restraint of Trade (1) Non-competition ii. Licensing Statute iii. Exculpatory clause iv. Unconscionable f. Effect of illegality = void...
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