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Outline Criminal Law 1. Constitutional Rights a. Trial by jury b. Presumption of innocence c. Right to counsel d. Call and confront witnesses e. Beyond a reasonable doubt f. Self incrimination i. Miranda g. Exclusionary rule h. Double Jeopardy i. Trial by jury j. Cruel and Unusual Punishment 2. Penal Codes 3. Parties a. Plaintiff vs. Defendant b. Prosecutor and defense attorney
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Classification a. Felony b. Misdemeanor c. Violation = infraction 5. Intent Crimes a. Actus Reus = criminal act b. Mens Rea = criminal intent 6. Procedure a. Arrest b. Bail c. Indictment or information d. Preliminary hearing e. Arraignment f. Plea bargain g. Trial h. Appeal...
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