basic electricity2

Basic electricity2

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Unformatted text preview: ELECTRICITY ELECTRICITY D.C. stands for direct current which flows in one direction only (­ to +) A.C.stands for alternating current which changes direction 50 times per second. ELECTRICITY ELECTRICITY D.C. is seen as a straight line on the oscilloscope. A.C. is seen as a wavey line on the oscilloscope. ELECTRICITY ELECTRICITY An electric current is a flow of charged particles called electrons. You will see the circuit symbols on the side wall. ELECTRICITY ELECTRICITY Current has the symbol I and is measured in amps (A) Resistance has the symbol R and is measured in ohms (Ω ) Voltage has the symbol V and is measured in volts(V) ELECTRICITY ELECTRICITY Current is measured with an ammeter in series. Voltage is measured with a voltmeter in parallel. ELECTRICITY ELECTRICITY V = IxR V I R...
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