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telecom2 - TELECOM TELECOM V = f x m/s hz m V is speed,f...

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Unformatted text preview: TELECOM TELECOM V = f x λ m/s hz m V is speed ,f is frequency λ is wavelength TELECOM TELECOM v =d/t v is speed in m/s d is distance in m t is time ins TELECOM TELECOM Radio waves are carried from transmitter by the carrier wave. Speed of radio waves is 300,000,000m/s TELECOM TELECOM The main parts of a radio receiver are Aerial – receives all signals Tuner – tunes into one particular signal TELECOM TELECOM Decoder – separates the carrier wave from the audio (sound ) wave Amplifier gives a bigger copy of the audio wave TELECOM TELECOM LOUDSPEAKER TURNS THE ELECTRICAL SIGNAL INTO SOUND DIFFERENT RADIO STATIONS ARE IDENTIFIED BY THE CARRIER WAVE FREQUENCY SPACE SPACE Radio waves are detected by large curved dishes similar to the dish aerials in T.V. systems ...
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