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Solutions and solubility

Solutions and solubility - SOLUTIONS& SOLUBILITIES...

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Unformatted text preview: SOLUTIONS & SOLUBILITIES SOLUTIONS & SOLUBILITIES TERMS • Solution: a homogeneous mixture containing particles • • • • the size of a typical ion or covalent molecule. (0.1–2.0 nm in diameter) Colloid: a homogeneous mixture containing particles with diameters in the range 2–500 nm Suspensions are mixtures with even larger particles, but they are not considered true solutions because they separate upon standing. Solute: the dissolved substance in a solution Solvent: the major component in a solution SOLUTION AND SOLUBILITIES SOLUTION 2 • A solution is saturated when no additional solute can be dissolved at a particular temperature • A Supersaturated solution can form when more than the equilibrium amount of solute is dissolved at an elevated temperature, and then the supersaturated solution is slowly cooled. • An Unsaturated solution is formed when more of the solute can dissolve in it at a particular temperature. SOLUTION AND SOLUBILITIES SOLUTION 3 KINDS OF SOLUTIONS SOLUTION AND SOLUBILITIES SOLUTION 4 SOLUTION AND SOLUBILITIES SOLUTION 5 SOLUBILITY • The amount of solute per unit solvent required to form a saturated solution is called the solute's Solubility. • When two liquids are completely soluble in each other they are said to be Miscible. • Solubility is effected by Temperature. With increase in temperature solubility of most of the substances increases. • Most gases become less soluble in water as the temperature increases. SOLUTION AND SOLUBILITIES SOLUTION 6 SOLUBILITY GRAPH OF SALTS IN WATER SOLUTION AND SOLUBILITIES SOLUTION 7 SOLUBILITY GRAPH OF GASES IN WATER Pressure has little effect on the solubility of liquids and solids. The solubility of gases is strongly influenced by pressure. Gases dissolve more at high pressure. SOLUTION AND SOLUBILITIES SOLUTION 8 SOLUBILITY OF COMMON IONS IN WATER SOLUTION AND SOLUBILITIES SOLUTION 9 DISSOLUTION OF SODIUM CHLORIDE IN WATER SOLUTION AND SOLUBILITIES SOLUTION 10 • DONATED BY • MUHAMMAD ALI • To www.worldofteaching.com SOLUTION AND SOLUBILITIES SOLUTION 11 ...
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