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African American Empowerment

African American Empowerment - Empowering African American...

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Unformatted text preview: Empowering African American Males Stereotypes Stereotypes Stereotypes are Stereotypes dangerous perceptions we all have. have Checking one’s own Checking attitude and hidden behaviors. behaviors. African American Males are 72% less likely to attend college than Caucasian Males. Males. Over represented in Over Special education programs. programs. Have higher levels of Have behavior problems in the school setting. school Are often feared by Are teachers regardless of the teacher’s race. the The odds are against The them. them. Need Your Help Need Identify college as an Identify opportunity opportunity Increase self-esteem Identify what the Identify student needs to do to reach his goals to Network within the Network child’s community child’s Make African American History Part of Regular Curriculum of Help the students to understand that all of our history involves interaction with one another Seek and teach about positive African American role models Learn About the Community Learn Become a part of the Become child’s community child’s Establish a safety net Establish around the child by using the circle of trust model the Talk with community Talk leaders leaders Talk with the child’s next Talk school level teachers school Self-Esteem Self-Esteem Low self-esteem is the Low #1 cause for Black males acting out behaviors behaviors Stop pitying them, Stop start helping the child to see his own skin color as the gift skin it is…… it Give students the gift of high expectations expectations Talk to the child daily about Talk college college Ask the child what college Ask he is going to attend he If the child does not know, If help him explore some colleges colleges Discuss financial programs Discuss available in his future available Believe! Believe! Children know when you Children are acting are Show the child that you Show believe in him believe Praise the child often Look for positives even Look when they are hard to find find Notes to mom, a warm Notes smile, a compliment can go a long way go Create a Committee Don’t go ugh! Don’t ugh Plug, all your talents together To find what works best For the boys in your school Without a catalyst for change for the positive, African American males will continue to fall to the wayside. continue Be the catalyst! Be Love Love Is the strongest word anyone of us knows. This powerpoint was kindly donated to www.worldofteaching.com http://www.worldofteaching.com is home to over a thousand powerpoints submitted by teachers. This is a completely free site and requires no registration. Please visit and I hope it will help in your teaching. ...
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