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pencil_poem - TAP IT ON THE FLOOR Drop it from a table top...

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A poem by Judith Nicholls What can you do with a pencil? Peter Loader @ TLT 1 of 2
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Peter Loader @ TLT 2 of 2 You can sharpen it or break the point, trap it in the door; fasten it behind your ear or tap it on the floor; use it as a walking stick (if you’re very small). dig a hole to plant a seed, tap it on a wall; use it as a handy splint for rabbit’s broken legs; stir your coffee stir your tea – stir up all the dregs! These are just a few ideas, there must be hundreds more – but meantime, trap it, snap it, flap it,
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Unformatted text preview: TAP IT ON THE FLOOR! Drop it from a table top, pop it in a case; use it as a lollystick, send it up in space! Two will give you chopsticks, one could pick a lock; bore a hole and thread one to darn a hole-y sock This powerpoint was kindly donated to www.worldofteaching.com http://www.worldofteaching.com is home to over a thousand powerpoints submitted by teachers. This is a completely free site and requires no registration. Please visit and I hope it will help in your teaching....
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