auchwitz - Auschwitz by Sara Nomberg Pryztyk they cut their...

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Auschwitz by Sara Nomberg- Pryztyk they cut their hair and the ss soldiers treated them like objects and how humiliated Sara felt. They would even cut their pubes they treated them like animals. Its funny how small things like this still resonate today in third world countries or even our generation. i ts funny how everything from past resonates today. you don’t stop to realize that all these things make a big difference in every generation: testimonials, case briefs, framing structures for governments and countries. they shape the way each generation grows. whether we choose to recognize it and give it a place in our life is up to us. Pg 22 (Nomberg) “I was frightened by the thought that tomorrow they would be dragging me through the block, a nameless dishonored corpse, unmourned by anyone . Although I did not believe in life after death, still I trembled at the thought of what was going to happen to me after I died” words that stand out: survival of the fittest their own people
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