romeo and juliet condenced

romeo and juliet condenced - Benvolio Pray thee good...

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Act 2 Scene 1 Romeo climbs over the fence into the Capulet Orchard Benvolio : ROMEO!!! Mercutio: He is wise! Benvoilio: He leap’d this orchard wall. Mercutio: Romeo! Humors! Madman! Passions! Lover! Come shall we go? Benvolio: Go then, for ‘tis but vain To seek him here that means not to be found Act 2 Scene 2 Romeo is in Capulet’s orchard under Juliet’s balcony Romeo: What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun. Juliet: Romeo! Oh Romeo! For where art thou oh Romeo? Romeo: Will thou leave me so unsatisfied? Juliet: What satisfaction canst thou have tonight? Parting is such sweet sorrow. That I shall say ‘goodnight’ till it be ‘morrow. Romeo: Sleep dwell upon thine eyes. Hence will I to my ghostly friars close cell. Act 3 Scene 1 Enter Benvolio and Mercutio
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Unformatted text preview: Benvolio: Pray thee, good Mercutio. Let’s retire. Mercutio: Thou will quarrel with a man for cracking nuts and thou will tutor me for quarreling. Enter Tybalt and other people. Tybalt: Gentleman a word with one of you. Mercutio: Make it a word and blow Enter romeo Tybalt: Here comes my man, and thou art a villain Romeo: I do protest, I love thee. Mercutio: O vile submission Tybalt: I am for you Romeo: put thy rapier up. They fight. Tybalt dies. So does Mercutio. Act 3 Scene 4 Enter Capulet and his Wife and Paris Capulet: We have no time to move our daughter. Paris: These times of woe affords no time to woo. Lady Capulet: Know her mind early tomorrow. Capulet: O Thursday she shall be married to this earl. Goodnight!...
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romeo and juliet condenced - Benvolio Pray thee good...

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