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Sarah Croog 24939025 Econ 103A Professor Norman Aitken October 19, 2010 The Business Firm I Know: Law Office of Martha Croog, LLC The business firm that I know is the Law Office of Martha Croog, LLC. It is a law firm run by my mother, Martha Croog. The firm is located in Hartford, CT, and the firm has been in practice for about twelve years, though the firm has changed locations numerous times. The firm currently employs two legal assistants, whose duties include filing, faxing, managing incoming and outgoing mail, as well as other menial tasks. The firm also employs two paralegals. The paralegals have more complicated duties, which may include editing briefs, serving as a liaison between clients and attorneys, completing file prep to ensure that a case is ready for court, and other such duties. Finally, the office employs seven attorneys. The attorneys must have attended undergraduate school as well as law school, and must be members of the Connecticut Bar (entry is determined by taking the Bar exam). My mother, the director the firm, gets several applicants each week, thus competition into the firm is very high. Not every attorney has the same duties. Some lawyers may specialize in Municipal Liens, others in HOA, others in the foreclosures department or Mediation department. It is crucial that each employee has a specific title and duties to ensure that work is completed efficiently. One may ask, what services does the firm offer? The firm provides several legal services. They provide mortgage foreclosures and bankruptcy related commercial litigation at the state and federal level, and summary process (REO) matters. The firm ensures that client mortgage interests are not jeopardized due to municipal lien or condominium foreclosures. Having witnessed the firm in action for virtually my entire
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businessfirmiknow! - Sarah Croog 24939025 Econ 103A...

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