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Lecture 11 Outline Chapter 31 - Crampton Bio II Lecture...

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Crampton. Bio II Lecture handouts Lecture 11 – The fungi: Slides 1-2 phylogenetic position of fungi within eukarya Slide 3 Fungi: outline – What are Fungi? Form and function Reproduction Evolution and diversity Ecology Slide 4 The neglected kingdom ENORMOUS BIOMASS Armillaria : Honey fungus. Single organism: giant subterranean network of hyphae. Very large and old. Above-ground fruiting bodies only a small fraction of the Biomass of the underground network. Slide 5 Enormous species diversity: - 10,000 species described. Probably more like 1.5 million. Slide 6 What are fungi? No chlorophyll, no fixing of carbon from C02. i.e. heterotrophs. Enzymes digest food outside body (absorptive heterotroph) Lifestyles: Decomposers (saprobes), Parasites, Mutualistists Slide 7 section - Form and Function Slide 8: 1
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Crampton. Bio II Lecture handouts Unicellular/Multicellular. Single celled e.g. – Yeasts. Note asexual budding. Slide 9 Morphology of multicellular fungi: Hyphae – filamentous cell: absorb nutrients. non-motile – form fast-growing mass: Hyphal network = Mycelium Fruiting body: Fruiting body (mushroom, toadstool) Produces air-dispersed spores Feeding network (mycelium): 1 cm 3 of soil:1 km of hyphae 300 cm 2 surface area Fig. 31.2 Slide 10 Form and Function: Morphology Cell walls contain chitin - Nitrogen containing polysaccharide (found in insect exoskeletons) Very strong Hyphae: two kinds: septate/coenocytic Slide 11 Form and function: nutrition: - Secrete hydrolytic enzymes EXOENZYMES – break down organic macromolecules to absorbable compounds - Absorb digested compounds Pores in septa allow flow of: Cytoplasm, Mitochondria Ribosomes even nuclei!
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