Lecture 12 Outline Chapter 29

Lecture 12 Outline Chapter 29 - Bio II Crampton Lecture 12...

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Bio II - Crampton Lecture 12: Plant diversity I: Slide 1 c. 300,000 known extant (living) plant species Slide 2 Plants are everywhere Tropical rainforests: South America, Africa, Asia Slide 3 Deserts Slide 4 The Poles: Antarctica: 2 small vascular plants Some mosses Mostly no plants Slide 5 LIFE ON LAND: 1.2 Billion Years ago: Land began to host thin coatings of Cyanobacteria: Slide 6 History of plants: land plants appear in the Ordovician Slide 7 History of plants: vascular plants appear in the Silurian Slide 8 History of plants: forests of vascular non-seed plants (Devonian) Slide 9 Eukaryotes: “land plants” are multicellular, eukaryotic, photoautotrophs All “plants” evolved from algae (photosynthetic protists). Closely related to Charophyceans. Some plants have reinvaded the water (e.g. sea grass) Slide 10 1
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Bio II - Crampton Multicellular Eukaryote Photosynthetic Cell walls (cellulose) Chlorophylls a and b Slide 11 Algae and Plants Land invasion: ancestor to Charophytes + Embrophytes Embrophytes = Kingdom Plantae – plants with embryos. Figure 29.4 Slide 12 Charophyceans and Plants Charophyceans are closest relatives of plants four key derived traits: Rosette-shaped complexes in cell wall for cellulose synthesis Peroxisome enzymes (more efficient respiration) Structure of flagellated sperm Formation of a phragmoplast (alignment of cytoskeletal elements during cell division) Slide 13 1. Apical meristems 2. Alternation of generation. What is the difference between a spore a gamete? Spores (haploid) germinate into a multicellular structure. Gametes fuse to form a zygote. .usually two kinds: egg
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Lecture 12 Outline Chapter 29 - Bio II Crampton Lecture 12...

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