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Dr Ks Study Recommendations2 - Dr. Ks recommendations on...

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Dr. K’s recommendations on how to succeed in this course by Gregg Klowden 1. Prior to lecture: a. Read the entire chapter. This will allow you to better understand the lecture and to add additional information to your notes. b. Print the lecture outline for the chapter, read it and bring it to lecture. 2. During lecture a. Listen. Don’t text, surf the web, sleep or study for a different class. b. Take notes. Write additional information that is not written on the slides but which is said that will help clarify your understanding of the material. 3. After lecture a. Reread the book, especially those sections discussed in lecture, and add additional details to your notes that better clarify the concepts discussed. Perhaps the book uses an example we do not but it is more helpful for you or perhaps some small detail, such as a definition, was not included in the lecture but it helps you. These should all be added to the notes. Your notes should now be very complete containing the info we give you, more you added during lecture and more you added from the book. Using this complete set of notes, make study questions. b.
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This note was uploaded on 11/08/2011 for the course BSC 2011C taught by Professor Klowden/crampton during the Fall '11 term at University of Central Florida.

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Dr Ks Study Recommendations2 - Dr. Ks recommendations on...

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