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UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS Course: ECO 4412 Econometrics Term/Time: Fall 2010, Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-10:15, BA2 103 Professor: Dr. David Scrogin Office: BA2 302-U Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10:30-11:30 and by appointment Phone: (407) 823-4129 Email: Webpage: Materials Introduction to Econometrics: Brief Edition , James H. Stock and Mark W. Watson, Pearson Education, Inc., 2008. Supplemental Materials: Stata Statistical Software , Version 11, StataCorp LP, College Station, TX Selected outside readings will be assigned in class Course Objectives At this point in your education you have been exposed to numerous theories in micro and macroeconomics. In general, these theories have yielded specific qualitative relationships between variables. For example, individual and market demand curves have been shown to be downward sloping, and the total revenues of a firm have been shown to vary in predictable directions when the price of a good or service changes. However, the shapes of the demand curves and revenue curves and their slopes at any point have been largely ambiguous. In this course, we will develop and employ a powerful set of statistical/mathematical tools to
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eco_4412_syllabus_fall_2010 - UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA...

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