PUP 4204 Sustainability Fall 2011

PUP 4204 Sustainability Fall 2011 - Sustainability PUP 4204...

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Sustainability PUP 4204 Fall 2011 Instructor: Dr. Peter Jacques Contacting the Professor Contacting the Class Office Hrs: Tues/Thurs 930-12:30 Class E-mail: Coursemail Only for regular issues; use my office email for urgent messages only. Office: Phillips Hall 311E UCF MAIN CAMPUS Instructor website: http://ucf.academia.edu/PeterJacques Phone 407-823-6773 FAX: 407-823-0051 E-Mail: Peter.Jacques@ucf.edu urgent issues only please Grade Categories Description of the requirements Weight toward final grade (1000pnts) 10 Journal Essays 500 words; 20 points each 200 4 Synthetic Essays 1000 words; 100 points each: Sierpinksi Gasket; Third World Farmer; Ecotopia/Power up; Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep 400 4 Exams One exam at the end of each module, including one counted as a final exam. 400 CAVEAT DISCIPULI---- Read the whole syllabus before you ask any questions. Further, the Course Protocols are in webcourses are part of this syllabus, and they contain my rules for the courses, e.g., when I round up to a higher final semester grade. Required Reading
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1. A New Green History of the World, Clive Ponting 2. Limits To Growth, the 30 year update , Donnella Meadows et al 3. Oryx and Crake, Margaret Atwood Subscription to The Wall Street Journal . Call via 800-369-2834, ask for a student rate for the semester and tell them it is for my class. They do have semester subscriptions, tell it is for my class. Learning Modules: Within the course are detailed modules that replace my lectures from a face-to-face course, and will require time for you to go through them as if you were sitting in lecture. I have loaded in a lot of videos, etc. ..—these links are not necessary for you to follow, unless they are in the syllabus. Otherwise links within the modules are there for the curious of mind only. Newspaper Reading and Discussions. I require that you read The Wall Street Journal throughout the week. Current environmental events and issues are a part of journal essay grade. However, the real reason to read a major newspaper (everyday if possible) is to be an informed citizen, and if you are studying politics as we are, it is absolutely essential. Call 800-369-2834, ask for a student rate for the semester and tell them it is for my class. Directions for Synthetic Essays Be sure to consult the directions for essays in the Course Protocols. In this course, synthetic essays require the use of 7 sources from the required reading in the module, plus one source from outside the module as a connection to other thinking (do not make these connections to a newspaper, but rather to other academic journal articles or books). In two of these assignments, you will be play, analyze and critique 2 online games. Make
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PUP 4204 Sustainability Fall 2011 - Sustainability PUP 4204...

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