Ridgeway Globalization from the Subsistence Perspective

Ridgeway Globalization from the Subsistence Perspective -...

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Globalization from the Subsistence Perspective S HARON R IDGEWAY Development discourse presents corporate-led globalization as the inevitable, natural evolution of the global economy into a New World Order where third world poverty will be eradicated by unparalleled economic growth driven by innovations in science and technology. Moreover, because poverty is posited as the cause of environmental destruction, once a sufFciently rich point is reached, there will be enough money to address the harms done to the natural environment by unrestricted economic growth. The problem with this heavenly chorus, to roughly paraphrase E. E. Schattschneider, is that it sings with a distinctly economic elite accent. Growing voices of resistance to this chorus are emerging from the third world upon whom the New World Order has placed its boot. Rejecting the dominant Western formula for progress, they insist on their right to self-determination. T hese voices of resistance are coalescing in the indigenous, subsistence, and semi-subsistence communities worldwide. The ±irst Continental Meeting in 1990 of pueblos indios articulated an indigenous vision of a pluri- cultural state where they control their own land, decide what to produce, and conserve their natural environment through traditional means. As June Nash elucidates, their understanding of self-governance moves beyond political
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Ridgeway Globalization from the Subsistence Perspective -...

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