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Principles of Public Healt notes CLASS 2

Principles of Public Healt notes CLASS 2 - 1 Principles of...

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1 Principles of Public Health Class 2 Disease Emergence…Factors Societal Events Impoverishment 0People living in impoverished do not have adequate living condition (housing, clean food and water, items to maintain good hygiene) Conflict 0 Political upheaval which can change the way Medical supplies are distributed to the people Population growth & migration 0 Rapid population growth can be a problem when dealing with acute diseases that spread quickly from person to person (influenza, chickenpox, and measles) Urban decay Some Health Facilities such as hospitals, free clinics or primary care facilities are either not well funded or not where they should be in terms of care and disease control. Disease Emergence Health Care Transplant 0There can be some complications with a transplanted organ such as graph verses host disease (body rejecting the organ) or a disease the donor had prior to the transplant. Immunosuppressant drugs To treat illnesses an immunosuppressant can be prescribed and some drawback from the medication can be that the patient can contract many acute infections or a life threatening infection. Antibiotics Disease Emergence Environmental Change Deforestation Diseases that were indigenous to certain areas because of the wildlife could be transferred during deforestation, and the animals in the forest can migrate to other areas bringing the diseases they carry with them Flood/drought Global warming/Water ecosystem change Human Behavior Sexual behavior 0 An increase in unprotected sexual activity can increase the rate that 1
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2 sexually transmitted infections (herpes, HIV/AIDS) are spread Drug use, diet, travel 0 Drug use can lead to diseases such as HIV/AIDS due to hypodermic use in groups, People who travel to exotic places frequently are susceptible to foreign diseases (Dengue fever, yellow fever, malaria), People who have a poor diet and poor exercise routine are susceptible to coronary diseases and diabetes Recreation 0Recreational areas are somewhat high risk areas in spreading diseases that require human to human contact (YMCA, swimming pools, basketball courts) Daycare 0Childcare centers are areas where there is a relatively high amount of disease emergence and spreading, but tries to maintain a clean
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Principles of Public Healt notes CLASS 2 - 1 Principles of...

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