Principles of Public Healt notes CLASS 4

Principles of Public Healt notes CLASS 4 - Determinants of...

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Determinants of Health: Maternal, Infant, Child & Adolescent Health Reproductive Health Includes the social, personal & biological preparation for the responsibilities of pregnancy & parenthood Reproductive Health: Family Two or more people related by birth, marriage or adoption residing together in a household Family has changed Reproductive Health An important part of reproductive health is family planning Process of choosing the preferred number and spacing of children, and selecting the means to achieve this goal Teen Pregnancy Over 900,000 pregnancies per year 90% of unmarried teen pregnancies were unintended 55% end in birth 31% end in abortion 14% end in miscarriage Teen Pregnancy: Consequences Every day in the U.S. 2,500 teen pregnancies Most unintended Teen Pregnancy: Consequences Less likely to continue education: 10% of mothers aged 15 - 17 graduated from high school (2002) 1
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7 Reproductive Health Over 57% of all unintended pregnancies were to women not using a contraceptive method Easiest way to decrease unintended pregnancies is birth control Public Health Benefits of Birth Control Prevent STD's Spend less $ on STD's Reduce need for assistance Reduce unintended/unwanted pregnancies Reduce adoption More productivity from teen mothers/fathers Maternal Mortality The death of a woman while pregnant or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy Irrespective of duration & site of pregnancy From any cause related to, or aggravated by, the pregnancy or its management Maternal Mortality: Contributing Factors Lack of prenatal care Lack of health education Poor nutrition Prenatal Care Adequate care is defined as care in first trimester
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Principles of Public Healt notes CLASS 4 - Determinants of...

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