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Exam 2 Sample Questions - ARC and Hickman Lectures

Exam 2 Sample Questions - ARC and Hickman Lectures - are a...

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General Biology 101 - Sample Questions - Second Common Hour Exam - Fall 2011 ARC/Hickman Lectures The exam will consist of 75 questions covering Photosynthesis through and including Plant Anatomy 1. The process of chemiosmosis requires two compartments separated by a membrane. In photosynthesis these are ______ separated by ______. a. the thylakoid lumen and the stroma; the thylakoid membrane b. the matrix and the intermembrane space; the inner membrane c. the stroma and the matrix; the thylakoid membrane d. the matrix and the thylakoid interior; inner membrane e. the stroma and the matrix; the inner membrane 2. The function of peptidoglycan in a bacterium is to a. kill its host b. make the cell membrane c. cause cell division d. form the cell wall e. sense light 3. Green algae share which of the following features with land plants? 4. Most of the nuclei in a mushroom fruiting body
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Unformatted text preview: are a. dikaryotic, n + n b. diploid, 2 n c. haploid, n d. triploid, 3 n e. tetraploid, 4 n 5. You are given an unknown organism to identify. Its cells are haploid and green, but the organism is a flat structure that lacks any leaf-like or stem-like organs. Rhizoids grow from the lower surface. Archegonia and antheridia are present. In one archegonium an embryo has begun to form with roots and leaves. The organism is most likely a a. moss gametophyte b. fern gametophyte c. moss sporophyte d. fern sporophyte e. pine gametophyte 6. Which structure is found in the mature seed of a monocot, but not a dicot? a. seed coat b. embryo c. endosperm d. cotyledon(s) e. all of the above would be absent from a mature dicot seed 7. The ovule develops into the a. endosperm b. seed coat c. embryo d. aleurone e. seed 8. Name the living cell with unevenly thickened primary walls, whose only function is support. a. tracheid b. fiber c. sieve tube element d. parenchyma e. collenchyma...
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