Exam II Q_A for review 11. 4. 2011 _with answers_

Exam II Q_A for review 11. 4. 2011 _with answers_ -...

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Questions For Exam II Review: Chapter 27 1. The multicellular sex organs in plants are known as: (knowledge) a. gametes. b. spores. c. *gametangia. d. fruits. e. sperm. 2. Mosses and liverworts are limited in size because they lack: (knowledge) a. sperm. b. eggs. c. *vascular tissues. d. stomata. e. reproductive structures. 3. The gametophyte is the dominant stage in the life cycle for which of the following plant groups? (knowledge) a. club mosses b. whisk ferns c. ferns d. horsetails e. *liverworts 4. The strobilus of a spike moss contains (comprehension) a. an apical meristem. b. *both microsporangia and megasporangia. c. microsporangia only. d. megasporangia only. e. a plant embryo. 5. A land plant that produces flagellate sperm, and a gametophyte-dominant generation that arises from a protonema is probably a (application) a. fern b. *green moss c. liverwort d. charophyte e. hornwort 6. When organisms moved from an aquatic environment to living on the land, certain characteristics evolved, including (comprehension) a. a waxy cuticle b. vascular tissue c. gametangia that protect gametes
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d. protected embryos e. *a,b,c,d Chapter 28 7. Which of the following statements concerning gymnosperms and angiosperms is FALSE ? (application) a. Both groups are heterosporous.
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Exam II Q_A for review 11. 4. 2011 _with answers_ -...

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