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a) Born in Olympia, Washington. April 28,1945. Dad in military mom was a salesclerk at Sears. Zero number of siblings. Grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. Moms and dads marriage was a second marriage so they were both older. Dad got out of a service and he had a problem holding down jobs and that’s one of the reasons her mother went to work and that was a time when most moms didn’t work. She knew mom and dad had problems from time to time making ends meet but she was spoiled. Her mom bought her things and probably spent on her things she shouldn’t have and dad would buy her a new doll every Saturday and clothes for the doll so she didn’t feel like she was in poverty. b) Had two years of college at Brigham Young University, City College San Francisco, San Francisco State University. Favorite subject was English anything to do with film. Drama club, debate club, joined a lot of clubs and she was in many plays particularly in BYU. At City College and at State, she made movies with friends; she was in the film club. Brigham Young University had a broad range. There were probably a majority of students
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