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Helena Tse The Gospel Perspective on a Social Problem SOC 112: Social Problems October 28, 2011 Juvenile Delinquency In an ever growing world of crime and injustice, have you ever wondered how you can raise your child so he or she can be uninfluenced by these outside occurrences? In a First Presidency Message by President James E. Faust in September 2006 named, “The Father Who Cares”, he talks about the “Nine Words That Can Stop Juvenile Delinquency”. One was the importance of the father being the head of the family. He also stated that he read in the paper saying, “Social scientists across the political spectrum tell us that father absence is a stronger predictor of criminal behavior than family income, education, or ….race.” Again, the church places an emphasis on the family and how important it is. How the father functions in his responsibilities is of utmost importance. It is said that, “…While individual youngsters can manage life without father reasonably well in many cases, few are able to come unscathed through fatherless communities”. The father is a figurehead for most kids, especially young men. The kid learns from his father and he watches the father as he goes through his daily routines and
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Helena_Tse_Essay_02_ Draft - Helena Tse The Gospel...

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