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Option 1A: 1. Learn of God’s plans and gain knowledge that we may be closer to God. 2. Know that the House of Israel will once again inherit the kingdom and the earth will enter the millennium and the Lord shall come again. 3. Know that Isaiah is the prophet of restoration and our work is nowhere near complete. 4. Know that no one in this age can understand Isaiah except through the Nephites in the Book of Mormon. 5. Use the Book of Mormon 6. Isaiah is quoted by every prophet 7. Study references of Isaiah to better understand him 8. Meanings hidden in parables 9. Keep in touch with the Holy Ghost 10. Careful study- Read, ponder, pray I learned a couple things about the scriptures and some tips to understanding Isaiah. I also learned a lot more about Isaiah. I learned that one reason he is so hard to understand is that you sometimes may need to have some background historical knowledge about what is happening in
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Unformatted text preview: his time in order to understand him because he uses parables in his writings. I also learned that practically everyone in the scriptures quote and him and they further explain the things Isaiah speaks about in a different way; so if I ever want to learn more about a part in Isaiah I should look for references to Isaiah in different parts of the scriptures from different prophets. I learned most of all that Isaiah is the prophet of the restoration and I never knew that there was a sealed part of the Book of Mormon that has not been translated. That was the most interesting thing to. I want to know more about this. Isaiah prophesy of everything until the millennium essentially. I also learned that no one in this dispensation can understand Isaiah until we first learn about God in the Nephites and that Isaiah’s writings are the Lords....
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