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The imperfect is formed by dropping the

The imperfect is formed by dropping the - (We were checking...

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The imperfect is formed by dropping the  -ons  ending of the  nous  form of the present tense of regular  verbs and all irregular verbs except  être. The endings that must be added are as follows: Verbs already ending in  -ions  in the present tense have an additional  i  before the  -ions  and the  -iez  imperfect endings:  Nous riions . (We were laughing.)  Vous étudiiez . (You were studying.)  Nous vérifiions le moteur
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Unformatted text preview: . (We were checking the motor.) To form the negative, place ne before the conjugated imperfect form of the verb and place the negative word after it, as follows: • Je ne parlais pas. (I wasn't speaking.) • Nous ne regardions rien. (We weren't looking at anything.) Remember that pronouns remain before the conjugated verb: Elle ne vous regardait pas . (She wasn't looking at you.)...
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