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Here are some more basics on time

Here are some more basics on time - et demi as in the...

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Here are some more basics on time:  To express time after the hour, the number of minutes is added.  Et  (and) is used only with  quart  (quarter) and  demi e ) (half).  Moins  (less, minus) is used to express time before the hour.  Moins le  is used before  quart.   Because  midi  (noon) and  minuit  (midnight) are masculine, to say “half past,” use 
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Unformatted text preview: et demi, as in the following: Je mange à midi et demi. (I eat at half past noon.) • In public announcements, such as timetables, the official 24-hour system is commonly used, with midnight as the zero hour: • 0 h 30 (12:30 a.m.) • 18 heures (6:00 p.m.) • 20 h 45 (8:45 p.m.)...
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