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Unformatted text preview: Asking Questions Ways to ask questions Yes or no questions can be posed in one of four ways: • Simply raise your voice at the end of the sentence and you have the most colloquial way of asking this type of question. This is called intonation: • • Use the tag n'est­ce pas (isn't that so? right?) at the end of the sentence: • • Tu viens? (Are you coming?) Tu viens, n'est­ce pas? (You're coming, right?) Use est­ce que (which has no literal translation) at the beginning of the thought. This is the common conversational way to ask a question: • • Est­ce que tu viens? (Are you coming?) Change the word order of the subject pronoun and the conjugated verb and join them with a hyphen. This is called inversion. Inversion is generally used more formally, in writing rather than in conversation: • Viens­tu? (Are you coming?) ...
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