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Negating in the future tense

Negating in the future tense - them with a hyphen •...

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Negating in the future tense To negate a sentence in the future, simply put  ne  and the negative word around the conjugated verb:  Nous ne saurons pas tout de suite les r é sultats.  (We won't know the results  immediately.)  Il ne fera rien demain.  (He won't do anything tomorrow.)  Remember that pronouns remain before the conjugated verb:  Elle ne t'enverra pas le paquet avant mercredi.  (She won't send you the package  before Wednesday.)  Questions in the future To form a question using inversion, reverse the order of the subject pronoun and the verb and join 
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Unformatted text preview: them with a hyphen: • Fera-t-il une partie de tennis ce matin? (Will he play a game of tennis this morning?) • Travaillerez-vous pendant le week-end? (Will you work on the weekend?) To negate an inverted question, put ne and the negative expression around the inverted form. Remember that all object and adverbial pronouns must remain before the conjugated form of the verb: • Ne lui direz-vous pas la vérité? (Won't you tell him [her] the truth?) • N'y iront-elles pas? (Won't they go there?)...
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