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Multiplying fractions

Multiplying fractions - after completing the multiplication...

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Multiplying fractions To  multiply fractions,  simply multiply the numerators and then multiply the denominators. Reduce to  lowest terms if necessary.  Example 3 Multiply. This answer had to be reduced because it wasn't in lowest terms. Because whole numbers can also  be written as fractions  , and so forth, the problem  would be worked by  changing 3 to  Early reducing Early reducing  when multiplying fractions would have eliminated the need to reduce your answers 
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Unformatted text preview: after completing the multiplication. To reduce, find a number that divides evenly into one numerator and one denominator. In this case, 2 will divide evenly into the numerator 2 (it goes in one time) and into the denominator 12 (it goes in six times). Thus, Remember, you may only do early reducing when multiplying fractions. The rules for multiplying signed numbers hold here, too....
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