Amarelo Manga

Amarelo Manga - Amarelo M anga Setting: Hotel Texas - used...

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Unformatted text preview: Amarelo M anga Setting: Hotel Texas - used as a place to stay with prostitutes, brothel Dunga perhaps main character Cannibal works at a slaughterhouse, killed a man before, wants to be with kika, affair with daisy K ika cannibal's wife, angelican but changes Ligia works at the bar Isaque t r ies to get Ligia, necrophilia Daisy canibal's lover Bianor runs hotel texas Habecao brought the dead body to isaque Aurora asthma. Used to be a prostitute, t rying to repent Padre priest without a church At end kika asks for yellow hair dye, mango yellow There is always yellow in the film, Mercedes, refrigerator Lawless society, absence of centralized government or religion Preacher preaching to dog Religion is just something to believe, but only go to i t when you need i t K ika has faade of evangelic woman, but changes to a promiscuous character Ligia appears to be a promiscuous girl, but never gives herself up to anyone Characters choose a way to present themselves to the public world Canibal goes to the evangelical church, "10% of income donation is the best way to show faith in god" How are these institutions represented: state, church, groups, family, and individual Ligia: life repeats itself, life is boring, leading a human life is boring Dunga: only character that t r ies to get what he wants, wants cannibal When there is a t ransformation, characters wear red, cannibal wears red to meet daisy, kika takes red lipstick with her Common action: betrayal, unfaithful women, wounded male, cuckoldry Radio in beginning, foreshadows the movie Compares way they depict the faces of real life within a framework of fictions Lisbela: t rust love you are rewarded, romantic comedy Randomness/Chance V. foreshadow/predestined Dunga doesn't get what he wants, most human of characters, likable character ...
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Amarelo Manga - Amarelo M anga Setting: Hotel Texas - used...

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