Properties of Basic Mathematical Operations

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Properties of Basic Mathematical Operations Some mathematical operations have properties that can make them easier to work with and can  actually save you time. Some properties (axioms) of addition You should know the definition of each of the following properties of addition and how each can be  used. Closure  is when all answers fall into the original set. If you add two even numbers,  the answer is still an even number (2 + 4 = 6); therefore, the set of even numbers 
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Unformatted text preview: is closed under addition (has closure). If you add two odd numbers, the answer is not an odd number (3 + 5 = 8); therefore, the set of odd numbers is not closed under addition (no closure). • Commutative means that the order does not make any difference in the result. Note: Commutative does not hold for subtraction....
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