The identity element for multiplication is 1

The identity element for multiplication is 1 - using...

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The  identity element  for multiplication is 1. Any number multiplied by 1 gives the  original number.  The  multiplicative inverse  is the  reciprocal  of the number. Any nonzero number  multiplied by its reciprocal equals 1.  ; therefore, 2 and  are multiplicative inverses.  ; therefore,  a  and  are multiplicative inverses (provided a 0).  A property of two operations The distributive property is the process of passing the number value outside of the parentheses, 
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Unformatted text preview: using multiplication, to the numbers being added or subtracted inside the parentheses. In order to apply the distributive property, it must be multiplication outside the parentheses and either addition or subtraction inside the parentheses. Note: You cannot use the distributive property with only one operation....
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