Example14 - Now, let t stand for the time Ms. Twill drives...

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Example 2 How fast in miles per hour must a car travel to go 600 miles in 15 hours? First, circle what you must find—  how fast  (rate). Now, using the equation  d  =  rt , simply plug in 600  for distance and 15 for time.  So, the rate is 40 miles per hour. Example 3 Mrs. Benevides leaves Burbank at 9 a.m. and drives west on the Ventura Freeway at an average  speed of 50 miles per hour. Ms. Twill leaves Burbank at 9:30 a.m. and drives west on the Ventura  Freeway at an average speed of 60 miles per hour. At what time will Ms. Twill overtake Mrs.  Benevides, and how many miles will they each have gone? First, circle what you are trying to find—  at what time and how many miles.
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Unformatted text preview: Now, let t stand for the time Ms. Twill drives before overtaking Mrs. Benevides. Then Mrs. Benevides drives for hours before being overtaken. Next, set up the following chart. rate r time t = distance d Ms. Twill 60 mph t 60 t Mrs. Benevides 50 mph Because each travels the same distance, Ms. Twill overtakes Mrs. Benevides after 2.5 hours of driving. The exact time can be figured out by using Ms. Twill's starting time: 9:30 + 2:30 = 12 noon. Since Ms. Twill has traveled for 2.5 hours at 60 mph, she has traveled 2.5 60, which is 150 miles. So, Mrs. Benevides is overtaken at 12 noon, and each has traveled 150 miles....
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Example14 - Now, let t stand for the time Ms. Twill drives...

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