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1) Discuss the idea of travel and displacement as a way of searching for origins and identity. Contrast Central Station to the other films. 2) Discuss “otherness” and difference in the three films. Who does not belong to the community? Do the films depict a strong sense of community? What are the changes? 3) Discuss the relationship between “love” and “death” – literally and symbolically. What is the importance or the role of rebirth in each one of the three films? Dora’s symbolic rebirth is when she puts on lipstick
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Unformatted text preview: Josues rebirth when mother dies, or when he wants to stay and live with Dora Josues mom died changing the tone of the letter to her husband No one finds true love in mango and central station 4) Discuss the use of different cultural levels. Show how the films address the interplay between folklore, pop culture, American or foreign culture, national culture, and high culture. Dora uses her con artist techniques in the letters that she leaves to bond Josue and his brothers together...
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