Attribution in Organizations

Attribution in Organizations - failures to external causes...

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Attribution in Organizations Attribution theory Theory that explains how individuals pinpoint the causes of their own behavior  and that of others Internal and External Attributions Internal attribution Attribute your success to ability or effort you are making Include ability and effort External attribution Attributing your performance to sources beyond your control, or external sources Include causes like task difficulty or luck Ex: I did bad on a test cause the teacher made it too hard Attribution Biases The attribution process may be affected by two common errors: 1) The fundamental attribution error The tendency to make attributions to internal causes when focusing on someone  else’s behavior 2) Self-serving bias The tendency to attribute one’s own successes to internal causes and one’s 
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Unformatted text preview: failures to external causes Managerial Implications: Using personality, perception, and attribution at work To help managers know more about there people they can do things like the MBTI, that will help to put correct teams together and better understand the subordinate Managers use social perception constantly on the job Helps make more accurate perceptions of others Attribution theory can be used to explain how managers go about determining causality. Personal Characteristics Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Measures a person’s personal attributes for Potential Career Team Building Conflict management Management Styles...
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Attribution in Organizations - failures to external causes...

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