Attribution Theory and goal

Attribution Theory and goal - 1 goal setting 2 specifiying...

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Attribution Theory Attribution - factors that explain the causes and/or outcomes of behavior Self-serving bias - when a person mistakenly attributes personal success to external attributes and vice versa Fundamental attribution error - mistakenly attributing internal causes to someone else Scientific Management Managers assessment of individual behavior/tools of evaluation Tools of evaluation Observation One-on-one/ Group Interaction Performance Evaluation Employee Surveys Organizational Surveys Goals/Goal level and task performance Goal- a desired end a person must achieve
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1) personal- goals based on self-identified needs 2) Task- goals based on actual work to be accomplished by employee Characteristiscs of Effective Goals (SMART) Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Bound Goal Setting Methods Management by Objective (MBO )- a goal-setting program based agreement between managers and managers that entails
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Unformatted text preview: 1. goal setting 2. specifiying detailed objectives 3. interactive decision making 4. timeframe to meet objectives 5. evaluation and feedback Results Orientated Management (ROM)- goal-setting determines priorities and resources; results based on agreement between manager and employee where: 1. Corporate goals translated to individual goals; manager sets goals 2. Employee agrees to conditions that goals can be achieved to produce required results 3. Implement goals, self-monitor, and monitoring by management 4. Evaluation, adjustments Performance Management Process Chart?? Performance Evaluation The evaluation of a persons performance-Provides feedback to employees-Identifies employees developmental needs-Decides promotions and rewards-Decides demotions and terminations-Develops information about the organizations selection and placement decisions...
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Attribution Theory and goal - 1 goal setting 2 specifiying...

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